Thursday, November 8, 2007


Asian: Can you tell me why it is that people of your particular pigmentation, no matter what country they reside in, generally do not quite break through to true financial success? We Chinese usually make money wherever we go.
African: I really don’t know. Can you tell me?
Asian: During a trip to America, I noticed in every city I visited that when an Asian comes to town, even if he has nothing when he starts, he owns a business in just few months. People of your pigmentation, on the other hand, even though most of them are very hard working, have been there for decades; yet most often do not own anything. After studying this for a while and talking to many of your people, I finally figured out that the difference lies not in our abilities, but in our mentalities. More often than not, when your people go into a city, they go looking for jobs. When we go into a city, we are looking for a business. We may need to hold a job for a while, but that is only until we can buy or start a business of our own.
The Asian man was not at all vain or arrogant with his question, but was simply inquiring about an observation he had made in his travels. And I think it’s high time that we African change our mentalities. Let’s be more creative than hard working.

Monday, November 5, 2007


Microsoft Encarta 2007 dictionary define relevance as having some bearing on or importance for REAL-WORLD ISSUES, PRESENT-DAY EVENTS, OR THE CURRENT STATE OF SOCIETY. So being relevant has nothing to do with positioning or the office you occupy if you have no bearing on the real world issues, present-day event, or current state of society.

The current state of our society has proved wrong the value on certificates. The challenges of nations, organizations, community, and individual have devoid the 21st century professors of their relevance as attached to their thesis. Leaders are now striped naked of their position because of their irrelevance in this NEW WORLD.
Large companies are increasingly seeking ways to reinvent or revitalize their entrepreneurial roots. These companies are not just looking for employee but an employee that could place them of the corridor of relevance in the society.
Many developed and developing economies have come to realize the value of relevance in the market world. Governments of these economies have realized the importance relevance in the global village and have formulated comprehensive public policies to encourage, support and fund the development of their citizen in order to be able to meet the future challenge.
Leaders who know how to effect and manage change are now in demand in every industry throughout the world
Professional success is now tied to the ability to master creativity, to operate as a creative problem solver, and to lead change.

The need for people to cope with and direct change in their lives and in their organizations has become increasingly apparent.
Alvin Toffler a futurist who documented his analysis in Future Shock, Third Wave and Powershift, says:
"If we are to prepare for the Future, we should understand the changes taking place and what the future might hold".

Hear the cry of the NEW WORLD - We don’t need you! . . . . . We need . . . . !
- We don’t need visionary, we need creative visionary
- We don’t need missionary, we need innovative missionary
- We don’t need teacher, we need imaginative teacher
- We don’t need engineer, & dr., we need inventive engineer, & dr.
- We don’t need motivational speaker, we need productive motivational speaker
- We don’t need farmer, we need original farmer
- We don’t need local govt. chairman, we need resourceful local govt. chairman
- We don’t need governor, we need prolific governor
- We don’t senator, we need fruitful senator
- We don’t need president, we need inexhaustible president
- We don’t need god; we need creative, innovative, imaginative, inventive, productive, original, resourceful,
prolific, fruitful, and inexhaustible GOD.

Looking at the western world it is obvious that they find it easy to cause a change and to quickly configure their human system to adapt; this is not because they are genius or more intelligence. It’s been thought time without number that they are more relevant than we are just because of their exposure, economy, and opportunities; but we’ve got to realize that irrespective of their exposure, economy, and opportunities, they will still have a place in the corridor of relevance.
In my quest to know why and how, I discovered that they are more relevant than we are because they understand that the only key to the world of relevance is the key of CREATIVITY. Their value for relevance in the world market has placed a primacy on mentoring the innate creative abilities in their citizens. Their citizens were helped to further their pry as a child to be creative into their adulthood.

In view of the NEW WORLD cry, creativity will without any doubt be the next economic activity, replacing the current focus on information. Historically, agriculture, industrial production and information were the dominant spheres of human economic activity. This prediction places creativity in the category of historically significant paradigms that have shaped human economic history from the beginning of time. Just as the industrial revolution replaced agriculture as the dominant economic activity, creativity will replace the "information age" as the next dominant global economic focus.

The purpose of everything in life has been discovered to be hidden in its definition; so the word education has its real purpose in defining it. The word education was derived from the word “Educo”, which means “induce from within”. Education can then be defined as the development of the inner faculty (endowment) to create solution to the basic problem of life. With this definition, the mindset behind education as to obtaining certificate in order to get a job will have to be switched to developing the great treasure deposited in us by our creator in order to address the basic problem of humanity, and enhance effective living.

The battle of relevance will be fought on the ground of knowledge and information. So there is need to know and be informed about creativity. There is need to acquire knowledge and be informed on how to be creative. You may think that creativity is a gift reserved for a select group of people. Armed with useful information, techniques and regular practice, we can all be creative in our own unique ways.
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